SALAM Publications is a free online platform which aims to provide academic material on a range of topics which relate to Islam and Muslims. Essays and publications will be written by subject specific specialists and aim to equip people with pieces of information which will help someone assess popular academic narratives about Islam and Muslims. The overall aim is to have an electronic library which consists of written pieces on comparative religions, Western and Eastern philosophy, Islamic Studies, history and other such related topics.
1st October 2018

The Problems With Liberalism

The Problems With Liberalism       Liberalism Liberalism, like many other ideologies, has existed in different political contexts. Many of these contexts have had contradictory […]
27th September 2018

On Morality: The Union Of The Prophet (PBUH) With Ā’isha

On Morality: The Union Of The Prophet (PBUH) With Ā’isha     Introduction The question of the union of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to […]